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Straight Off the Canning Line!

We know New Zealand loves craft beer and it of course has an unquenchable thirst for NEW craft beers, we know this because we make over 100 new beers a year.

But......as well as those 100 new beers we make, we also have a focused, on point core range that fills fridges up and down New Zealand without the fanfare and fuss of that next special/limited edition/get it whilst you can/your life will be incomplete without it/please god where can I find it - new beer release. These core range beers are the unsung heroes of our beer range.

Our new subscription service takes the stress and effort out of buying the beers that are your "go to" in your fridge, the chorus line of the fridge. This allows you to concentrate on the visceral experience of browsing bottle shops for the next new seasonal from the wonderful breweries of New Zealand.Plus you get some great discounts and free shipping anywhere in NZ.

A single subscription of 24 cans of a core range beer will usually ship every 6-8 weeks. What's more we only ship these subscriptions out to you when they are fresh off the canning line as soon as they have passed our quality assurance release processes. Therefore you will usually be enjoying your beer subscription within a week of it being canned, when the beer is at its optimum drinking state.

As well as a subscription to individual beers we also give you an opportunity to ship a case of everything we package of these core range beers, this is a great option for a group of mates, clubs, a big craft beer loving family or those entertainers out there who want to keep a rapidly emptying craft beer fridge full.

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